Webinars & teleconferences

Webinars & teleconferences

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Jenn-Hui Tan Sustainable Asia Summit 2021

25 November 2021 | Jenn-Hui Tan

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, how does this impact Asia as a region? What should investors be looking for when thinking about portfolios and the lasting impact these decisions will leave on the planet?

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Kate Howitt Jenn-Hui Tan Time to step up to a net zero future

27 October 2021 | Kate Howitt, Jenn-Hui Tan

COP-26, an event that many believe to be the world’s last chance to get climate change under control, with pressure on world leaders to enact more aggressive policies to reverse the effects of global warming. But what does it mean for investors?

For all investors

Anthony Doyle From a sprint to a marathon | Outlook for markets and the economy

13 October 2021 | Anthony Doyle

It may not feel like it, but equity markets have been in sprint since the 'Covid crash'. A rebound like markets have never seen before has meant signs of fatigue are beginning to set in. After over 18 months, you may be asking yourself when did this race go from a sprint to a marathon?

For professional investors

Anthony Srom Gary Monaghan Fidelity live with Anthony Srom

07 October 2021 | Anthony Srom, Gary Monaghan

We invite you to join the conversation with Anthony Srom, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Asia Fund, and Investment Director, Gary Monaghan, as Anthony shares his current views on Asia and what is driving performance.

For professional investors

James Abela Maroun Younes Fidelity live - Investing in the global leaders of tomorrow

06 October 2021 | James Abela, Maroun Younes

The global small and mid-cap sector represents a very dynamic and diverse group of companies, with many playing a key role in solving some of the world’s problems.

Join Portfolio Managers of the Fidelity Global Future Leaders Fund, James Abela and Maroun Younes as they explore the factors driving the best ideas and performance in global small and mid-cap as well as the outlook for the sector.

For professional investors

Paul Taylor Fidelity live with Paul Taylor

22 September 2021 | Paul Taylor

Despite lockdowns in two of Australia's largest states, many Australian businesses are showing remarkable resilience and the sharemarket has made strong gains.  How long can this continue?

Join the discussion with Paul Taylor, Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Australian Equities Fund.

For professional investors

Catherine Yeung Fidelity live | Sectoral developments in China: Property and gaming

20 September 2021 | Catherine Yeung

In this update on Monday 20 September, we review the market developments in China’s property and Macau’s gaming sector, how we see these impacting other asset classes and sectors in China, and across Asia as well as the winner and losers for the region.

For professional investors

Amit Goel Punam Sharma Fidelity live with Amit Goel and Punam Sharma

08 September 2021 | Amit Goel, Punam Sharma

Watch as investment specialist, Anthony Doyle, sits down with Amit and Punam as they discuss he first 100 days of managing the Fidelity Global Emerging Markets Fund.

For professional investors

Ned Salter Fidelity live | The Analyst call | Net-zero

08 September 2021 | Ned Salter

Watch as Ned Salter, Head of Equities and a panel of Fidelity analysts discuss some of the issues around our mission to reach ‘net zero’ carbon emissions. Watch as they talk about how we are integrating the net zero targets into our investment processes at Fidelity, as well as how we engage with companies on climate issues and the results we are seeing.

For professional investors

China's evolving regulatory and policy landscape

29 July 2021 |

Watch as Victoria Mio, Asian Equities Director and Head of Greater China Analyst team, review recent policy developments in China, including the newly announced rules for the after-school education sector.

For professional investors

Anthony Srom Fidelity live with Anthony Srom

16 June 2021 | Anthony Srom

Navigating Asia and the growing opportunity for active management

Asia is home to 4.7 billion people and will account for most of the world’s population growth over the next 30 years, while its share of the global economy has steadily grown from 9% of the global economy in 1980 to 39% today. As we move over the next 30 years, Asia’s structural drivers will continue, but where are the money making opportunities for investors?

For professional investors

Jenn-Hui Tan The race to net zero

09 June 2021 | Jenn-Hui Tan

The race to net zero is on. Governments, industry, and asset owners are collectively focusing on the effects of climate change and reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Will we get there, and what is our role as investors?

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