Our proprietary sustainability ratings

Measuring ESG

We’ve created our own sustainable ratings system to provide a forward-looking assessment and fuller coverage of a company’s ESG performance.

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Why our own ratings?

Does not solely rely on public disclosures

Using insights from around 15,000 company meetings each year, along with industry analysis, competitor analysis and external ratings, our analysts determine an ESG rating for companies we cover relative to their peer group.

More forward looking

We provide an assessment on whether a company’s ESG performance is improving deteriorating or stable. This helps inform our investment decisions, identify future opportunities and address key risks to address in our engagement.

Allows fuller coverage

Our ESG analysis does not rely solely on public disclosures and our ratings can only be used by the Fidelity investment team.

Informed by our on-the-ground analysts around the world

Collaborative input from our 180 fixed income & equity analysts around the world who have a first-hand view of ESG issues at the company level
Companies are rated relative to their peer group with industry-specific criteria for assessment
The ranking is a forward-looking assessment of a company’s ESG trajectory - is it improving, stable or deteriorating
Low rankings act as a trigger for engagement

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